With undivided attention to the client’s business issues, the company focuses on delivering ongoing IT services in the most efficient manner possible. As CTCIT continues to grow, the model and packaged offers will be continually refined. CTCIT has matured into a savvy and nimble company, poised to experience significant growth in its region. Today, CTCIT services over 130 clients through a new Virtual IT Staff model.

Our Heritage.

Our Heritage stems from the early ‘90’s where a veteran member of our team delivered hardware configuration and WAN/LAN integration projects. All CTCIT team members were early adopters of the Internet and quickly realized the potential of the world wide web.

As the web grew, so did the mounting threats associated with it. CTCIT has an unparalleled background in security and business continuity. In fact, many of the senior staff and contractors have worked in the information security business community space as subject matter experts. This heritage spills over into our daily work. In every case, our systems are built and maintained with security as an inherent component, not as an afterthought. Our clients favor this methodology specifically because they leverage the internet and generally feed susceptible to attack, misuse, and accident-prone users.